SEO for gyms

Improve your gym’s SEO with these 3 easy steps

Why is being visible on search engines such as Google important? Most people use search engines to find answers to what they are looking for. Potential members in your area are sure to search for “gyms near me”, “CrossFit Box London”, “Pilates studio Berlin” and so on. Your gym competes for visibility against all the other gyms in your area, and the highest ranked results tend to get the most attention. This is why it is important that people can find you online. How do you make sure that you are visible and rank high on search engines without paying for adverts? Follow these steps:

1. Keywords

Keywords are single words or phrases that are used in the “search” on search engines. These words or phrases have to be relevant and unique to your gym in order to reach the right audience. Choosing a list of keywords should include phrases that are specific to your gym. Keywords should also not be too narrow so only people who know about you will find you.

Create an excel sheet or a Word document with a long list of keywords that you can use throughout your website. It is easy to access these keywords at any point and you can also add to the list at a later stage. Populate the sheet by:
• Look at your target market and determine what words and phrases they would use to search for you or facilities like you. You can speak to your existing members to get some ideas.
• Determine your unique selling points and use these as keywords.
• Write down the obvious (but also saturated) keywords such as “Gym in London”, “CrossFit Box Berlin”, “Yoga studio Cape Town” and so on.
• Look at what your competition is doing and improve on their keywords.
Once you have found a long list of keywords and phrases, you can highlight the most relevant words for your business.

You can get some more ideas on building a long keyword list in this article too.

2. Content

Search engines love content, and they love content that is updated on a regular basis. Content is created on your website by writing blogs and news posts. Create a blog whith content that is relevant and interesting to your target market. Add value by sharing your expertise and knowledge with your audience.

Where to find content:
• Find trending topics on social media and magazines.
• Look at similar businesses and what they are writing about. You can then improve on what they have done.
• Ask your members what they would be interested in reading about.
• Update members on news in your industry (CrossFit Games, new equipment in Pilates and so on)
• Write checklists such as: CrossFit WOD packing list, 5 yoga moves to do in the evening and so on.
• Look at prominent people in the industry and write about them.
Your content needs to be valuable to your reader so that your target market will: read, repost and link to your blog.

It is now time to access the keyword list you populated in step one. See if you can use one or two keywords for each blog post and scatter them throughout the blog. The keywords you chose have to make sense in the blog that you are writing.

3. Links

Links are the holy grail of SEO and content creation. Search engines look at how many other websites link your website or pages/blogs on your website to their own website. These links are the URLs you see on articles and blogs online. Get companies to link to your blogs by firstly creating content that is valuable and secondly, asking other websites to link to your blog.

Link other reputable blogs/articles to your blog, to add extra value to your reader. Links will make your blog more interesting to read while pleasing the search engine. Please note to link articles that is about a similar topic as the blog you are creating.

Follow these 3 steps to improve your SEO. It may take some time and practice to perfect your ranking. It is however important for your online success to get started with it, as your search engine visibility will depend on it. If you want a more in depth look at SEO, this article is very helpful.

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