Recover, Recover, Recover

How to recover from a strenuous workout


Did you wake up feeling the dreaded sharp pains in your muscles? It is easy to get carried away in the WOD when your friends are cheering you on. It is good to push your limits to grow and improve your strength, metabolic conditioning and stamina. You gave your all in the workout and now you need to minimise the post-workout pain. Get into the habit of practising the following four tips after every workout to minimise your recovery time:

1. Active recovery: After doing a workout that contains heavy lifting, do some active recovery. Do a brisk walk on the treadmill or sit on the bike and slowly pedal to get the lactic acid moving.
2. Stretch: Give yourself sufficient time to stretch after a workout. This will not only help you move better for workouts to come but it also relieves muscle tension. Good stretches include the pigeon pose, toe touches and leg cross over to stretch the lower spine.
3. Nutrition: It is important to feed your body the right nutrients to recover and reach your goals. Protein and potassium can assist you after a workout to minimise pain the next morning. A post workout protein shake with some banana is a quick and easy way to get these nutrients in.
4. Sleep: rest is an important part of your recovery. Sleep allows your body to reset and gain its energy back. Make sure you get your eight hours of sleep every night to fully recover and be rested for the next WOD.

Even if you do not feel like doing the WOD the next day, it is recommended to keep the body moving to speed up the recovery time. Workout, eat, rest and repeat!

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