Pros of having a member app

One of the products included in your BoxChamp package is a member app. This app will be beneficial for both you and your gym members for the following reasons:

  1. Booking: Members can book their classes with the BoxChamp app. This makes it easy
  2. Checking-in: Gym members can check in to your facility with their QR code so that you can track their attendance. This is an effective way to manage your member retention.
  3. Daily workout: you can display your daily workout in the app so that it is easily accessible to your members.
  4. Tracking: Your members can log their scores and track benchmark workouts to see how they are improving. This also gives you access to information about individual and collective performance in your gym compared to other gyms.
  5. Compare: Both members and gym owners can use BoxChamp to compare performance to national and international performance. Members can comment and like other members performance, creating a community that motivates eachother.
  6. Notifications: You can send your members push notifications via the BoxChamp app to ensure they receive any important information from you.
  7. Log injuries: it is important that your coaches know who is injured so that the appropriate scaling can be prescribed. Members can log any injuries in the app to notify their coach.
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