Merchandise – clutter or cash

Have you ever walked into a store that is completely overwhelming, where the merchandise is randomly placed and cumbersome to sort through? It puts you off buying anything, right?

On a daily basis, you will have gym members walk through your door. Each person is a possible new sale that can be lost or gained depending on the attractiveness of your merchandise display. Here are some simple tips to make your merchandise irresistible:


Make sure all merchandise is displayed in categories that make sense to your customers. You can group products as clothing, accessories, and supplements. Alternatively, group items in their colour schemes, theme or use to make it simple for your customers to find what they are looking for.


All labels need to be turned the same way and displayed so that your customers can clearly read the label.


Pack all clothing and other merchandise neatly. The neatness must be maintained constantly, as to make it inviting for customers to browse.

Change it up

Keep your customers interested by refreshing the layout and visuals of your merchandise.


Create excitement about new arrivals in your store by posting it on your social media and in your newsletter. Have a sale on your older items to make space for the new and make money on items that have been sitting around for a while.



Make sure you know your current stock and their levels to avoid stock-out or overstocking. The BoxChamp platform can assist with this with our POS system to avoid lost sales due to lack of sizes and colours.

Selling merchandise can give you that little bit of extra cash that you may need. Display them in an attractive way to improve their sales and ensure your cash is flowing.

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