Celestie ‘Beastess’ Engelbrecht

2014 CrossFit Games athlete, fitness enthusiast, part-time gym business associate, a regular in the Regionals circuit, digital marketer, 2017 champion of The Battle and the new brand ambassador for BoxChamp.

The self-confessed ‘Ready for anything in comps’ athlete that will ‘never stop competing’ is a fitting choice for us – #SquadGoals

The ‘Beastess’

Although currently not affiliated to a CrossFit gym, Celestie and her husband run The Yard Athletic, situated in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Digital marketer by day and training twice a day (every day), finding an excuse to be active is half the problem.

‘I don’t really like rest days so I always try to do something, even if it’s just walking my dogs’.

As a professional athlete, Celestie throws herself into regular and varied training regime. She’s currently following a program (The Progrm), designed by John Singleton and the best way to describe it is that, it’s definitely not for sissies. In fact, top athletes like Ragnheðiur Sara Sigmundsdóttir have been known to utilize it too, making it evident that Celestie is a force to be reckoned with.

You know when someone says; ‘I’m dead keen to try DT’, that they’re just looking for a good burn – All the time.

In terms of diet, eating clean adds to any athlete’s performance and physical recovery and in her case, she plainly puts –


I eat clean but I am currently on the Celestie eat everything diet at the moment because this is what I feel my body needs right now.’

Although she’s in tune with her body now, it wasn’t always like that.  

Up’s and Down’s

From long and sprint WOD’s to 1-rep maxes and good old grunt work, Celestie loves it all. Having competed in the 2014 CrossFit Games, this gives her a competitive edge and fuels the drive in her to make it again.

The 4-day event is renowned to take heavy tolls on the body, something Celestie ultimately came face-to-face with after suffering from adrenal fatigue for 2 years post the 2014 Games.

It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done.’

Although she will admit that the failures can knock your soul, she’s determined and focused on improving and most certainly will make it to the Games again. However, since Regionals changed the way athletes enter, it may be more difficult for South Africans to get in, but not impossible.

When Celestie made it to Regionals in 2016, unfortunately, things did not go according to plan.

it can be very overwhelming when you set goals high and things go well until you get to the most important weekend of the year.’

Feeling that you haven’t performed to the best of your abilities takes an immense toll on an athlete’s emotional state, but provides invaluable experience and growth –

I got lost in all the sponsors and comps and making it back to the Games.

I lost myself and my motivation to train but I know there is so much more I can improve on. So, I’ve taken a few steps back and shifting my focus to enjoying it. If I know I’ve worked hard and prepared my best it will go well.’

Representing SA

Being a professional athlete in South Africa is a lot harder than other places. Overseas, there’s a lot of resources available for aspiring athletes to just ‘do what they do best’ and train to the best of their abilities. However, here athletes struggle to find sponsorships that can tide them over financially.

I’m broke most of my life trying to train all day and get to international comps’

Which is why it’s time that more brands must take note that it’s important to not only support athletes but to host events too. South Africa has a diverse range of competitions that athletes can take part in and we should be encouraging them to partake, professionals, veterans and even beginners.

‘There are plenty of good comps locally now that we can test ourselves with. Competition is so good and we shouldn’t fear it. It makes us all push to be better.’

Measurable Fitness

CrossFit is a pioneering force in testing fitness and ultimately turned it into a sport. And, the reason why the CrossFit community is so large on a global scale is the measurability. Think about it like this, how can you aim to be better than a previous performance, if you don’t know what said

Think about it like this, how can you aim to be better than a previous performance, if you don’t know what said performance was?

BoxChamp allows professional and regular athletes to track and measure their performances. From 1,2 or 5-rep maxes to timed sprints and ‘classic’ CrossFit WOD’s such as; DT, Murph, Grace, Isabel and Fight Gone Bad, to name a few.

Sure, it allows you to see how much you’ve improved, similar to a positive before and after picture but it also pushes you to do better. By setting goals, logging injuries, booking classes and tracking performances – all of which can be done on BoxChamp – you ultimately making your fitness tangible.

As Celestie says –

‘I think we’re involved in an industry where tracking your training is so important. I’m excited to be able to log my results on Boxchamp and see how I’ve improved.’

This Proudly South African athlete makes us even more excited to be part of the sport of fitness!

Welcome to the BoxChamp family Celestie.

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