Managing Leads & Members

Do you remember the girl that came into your gym 4 weeks ago, who was thinking about joining? The one that left her email address on an old flyer. What about that guy who was looking for a family package, can you recall when (or if) you sent him his follow up email?


Let’s get real; pieces of paper with email addresses or half rubbed out whiteboards of details are only going to get you so far before you start to feel the financial pinch of missing those leads.


Now, we totally get that you’re more into interacting with your members on a personal level and helping them achieve their goals through fitness. That’s why, our CRM software is designed to streamline the so-called ‘boring stuff’, so you can still do what you love, without missing out on potential business.


Start to Finish


Customer journeys ‘tell the tale’ of person’s buying experience and it’s no different for people looking to join a gym. From first contact and follow-up engagement, you’re ultimately trying to establish and maintain a long-term relationship or in this case, membership.


So, the stuff that’s in the middle is vitally important. You know that saying first impressions last? Yea, that. For instance; If you don’t follow-up accordingly, you’re leaving a bad impression of yourself and your business, reducing your chances of forming that relationship.


By ensuring your ‘customer journey’ is sound right from the get-go, you’re already increasing your chances. And, by having this process streamlined and slightly automated, makes it even more efficient.


Lay the Foundation


In this digital age, the first point of contact for leads will normally be online. Therefore, when you sign up with BoxChamp, you’ll have access to an iframe code, which can embed onto your website or Facebook page.


Then, when someone contacts you via this form, a few things will happen automatically:











  • They will receive an automatic response, telling them their mail has been received
  • You will get a notification of the enquiry with their details
  • They’re automatically to your BoxChamp Leads database.


The Gold Mine


The future version of your paper and clipboard, your leads database is where all of your enquiry details are stored. This widget enables you to interact with potential clients on a variety of levels, by filtering out where they are in the customer journey. Need to know who has completed On Ramp? Simply use the filter icon, select On Ramp Completed and boom, there you go.



And, from this portal database, you can also:


  • Track leads and where they are in their journey
  • Manually add leads and who referred them
  • Input a last contacted and follow up contact date – with reminders
  • Manually edit a leads status, like signed up, contacted or completed fundamentals course


Getting the Word Out


Sure, these databases and filtering mechanics are impressive but when it comes to making contact, it’s still just as easy.


The Communication Centre lets you digitally communicate with your entire database or just the category you need. Additionally, if you’ve set a status as a lead to follow up with, this is where you’ll receive the notification as per the date you set in the database.


To speed things up, set up email templates per category, for instance, if someone visited or enquired wanting to know more, they would be under the ‘ Pending’ filter and therefore, should receive something like this:


Hi [name]


Thanks for visiting us at [your gym name here] We’d love to get you started on your fitness journey, these are our class schedules [schedule]…’



Personalisation of these emails really help connect with the user, so when you structure your templates, make sure to give it a bit of personality that resonates with your business. So, if you say ‘whatsup’ or ‘rad’ a lot, put that in there.


Alternatively, it’s possible to manually type these emails too. This process will take more time but sometimes there are leads who might require a little special attention. You can also set up custom templates to call up to any mailer, to make this process quicker.


From Leads to Members


So, you followed through with your leads and they’ve joined your member’s army. Now, you must ensure to keep them happy. In many cases, people have signed contracts and never heard a peep from the gym ever since, then a younger and sexier gym comes along, who fulfils their needs on an emotional level and.. well, you get the idea.


Member retention is just as important as lead acquisition and, once again, BoxChamp has a stack of tools in the software to help keep your members happy.


Communication is Key


Making members feel like they’re part of the team is a fundamental requirement for most gyms. So, when it comes to keeping in touch with your squad, BoxChamp helps you get the job done with its built-in widgets:


  • Birthdays – Want to make sure birthday burpees go off without a hitch? Well, this widget informs you who and when a member is celebrating. Additionally, when someone’s name pops up, you can simply click on it to send them a personalised email.
  • Injuries – When athletes log their ailments onto BoxChamp, you’ll receive a notification about it. Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a broken wrist, it keeps you in the loop and also enables you to provide information on recovery techniques, if necessary.
  • Non-attendance – This widget allows you to see who’s been skipping more than just leg day. Categorised into 1,2,3 and 4+ weeks, so you don’t have to manually filter, it gives you the opportunity to contact them individually to see if everything is ok.
  • High Risk – If a member is on the verge of cancelling, you can mark them as high risk. This lets you know that they might need some special attention with regards to their membership, but always remember; sometimes you just want different things.
  • Event-based mailers – You can create mailers for milestones such as, new membership, birthdays or 1 year a member, which gets sent automatically. This kind of personal touch lets your members know that you appreciate their business.



You know what makes your members the best? The fact that they’re part of YOUR gym. So, it’s important to let them know that they are valued – whether they’ve just signed up or been with you for 5 years. They are the lifeblood of your establishment and not just another number.


As for leads, well BoxChamp ensures that you’re able to give all of your enquiries the opportunity to be part of something great. Leave no athlete behind!


Incorporating a new training routine into your life can be difficult and as gym owners, it’s imperative to show your support. So, by keeping track and acknowledging your member’s attendance, injuries, performances, improvements and even their birthdays can go a long way.



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