Make sure you master CrossFit etiquette: 6 tips for a CrossFit newbie

Being new and walking into a CrossFit box can feel intimidating, however, it is anything but. Coaches and members are friendly and jump at the opportunity to help a fellow athlete. The camaraderie and welcoming atmosphere are one of the reasons why the sport has quickly grown in popularity. With the following tips, you can walk into the box like a veteran.

Do not be shy to use the PVC pipe

Correct form goes above and beyond the weight on your barbell. Make sure you master the correct technique for all weightlifting movements with a PVC pipe before touching a barbell. You will not only save yourself from injuries but also get stronger by practising good form. Make sure you take time to warm up and stretch so that you can get into the right positions.

Leaving your weights lying around is a big no-no

Once you have moved on from the PVC pipe to a barbell it is important that you keep a clean space around yourself. If you do not put your weights and equipment away, it is a tripping hazard and can be dangerous, especially if someone doing a squat snatch trips over them. Clean up after yourself, disinfect your equipment and maintain a safe workout area.

1, 2, 3, 10, 15… Count your reps properly

If you are doing a chipper of a workout and you simply can’t remember what rep you are on, rather underestimate. If you miscount reps, you not only cheat yourself but you will cheat the WOD. You will not get fitter or stronger by cutting reps short.

Tape it, protect it and chalk up

Hand protection is an important part of gymnastics work. You can use tape to wrap around exposed areas such as your thumbs and use gloves or hand grips to protect the palms of your hands. A little bit of chalk can also prevent rips and tears. This is especially important when you are new to gymnastics, as your hands will rip very easily without protection.

Compete against yourself

CrossFit is naturally a competitive sport. Walking into a box, you will see programming that is made for competition. Athletes cheer each other on and WOD scores are recorded on a whiteboard. In this atmosphere, it is easy to feel pressurised to win the WOD. Do not be overwhelmed by the competitiveness. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself and your improvements through your CrossFit journey.

Track your performance

Use a workout tracking system such as a logbook or a WOD tracking app so that you can follow your improvement in different lifts and WODs. It is an important part of CrossFit to know your previous performance so that you can plan your next workout and to keep you motivated. It is the best feeling when you realise you have shaved off a few seconds from your Fran time or increased your back squat by 2kg!

Follow these steps and you are sure to fit right into any box. Leave your ego behind, practice good form and be a good sportsman. Follow these tips and you will find CrossFit to be a fun, challenging and friendly sport. Keep track of your CrossFit journey by logging your scores so that you know when you hit that PB or so you can plan your WOD.

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