How to make sense of the numbers that matter most in your gym

BoxChamp offers various analytics that tracks important numbers for you so that you can improve your gym statistics. Here are some numbers you should look out for and how you can improve them:

Member retention

How many members do you lose in a month? Small numbers add up. BoxChamp helps you track attendance so you know who is coming regularly and who is skipping out on classes. The platform brings ‘at risk’ members to your attention so that you can follow up with them. To make it even easier for you, BoxChamp can send out automated emails to these ‘risky’ members to bring them back.


How many people walk into your gym or enquire online about membership? How many of these leads become converted into members? BoxChamp keeps track of potential customers that you log in to the system. The platform will remind you to send follow up emails to the leads so that they will sign up for a membership with you. You can create email templates to make the process quick and streamlined.


Are your members paying their membership fees on time? Being paid on time is important for the cash flow of your business so that you can make your payments on time as well. BoxChamp automates the billing, invoicing and payment process for you to improve the timeliness of payments. Furthermore, all payments and profits are displayed on a dashboard for you to keep an eye on how much money is coming in per month, per member and so on.

Know your gym’s numbers, set goals to improve the numbers and watch your business grow and prosper.

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