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Can you believe that it’s October already?

With 2017 drawing to a close, it’s safe to say it’s been an incredible year of achievements, shake-ups, sign-ups, sponsorship, growth and a whole lotta other awesome stuff in the middle – which we have you to thank.

We’re so grateful for the support from our clients because, without it, we would just be another faded idea sitting in the pocket of a gym bag, so firstly –


As we’ve come so far together, we thought you should know what’s been happening on our side and what you can expect from us in the future – we’re all grown up!


You can now, officially say that you’re a part of a global platform.

That’s right, we’ve signed a host of Boxes overseas – Germany, Belgium, Austria, UK and the States, to name a few. Talk about a PB!

In fact, we’re growing up so fast that we’ve opened up some new positions in our business too. So, if you’re amped about fitness, business and being part of BoxChamp professionally, check out our Careers page and send through an application.


We’re even moving offices so we can do wall-balls while we’re brainstorming. EPIC!




In conjunction with CaptureFit, we’ve been hitting the high numbers like a good old Clean and Jerk PB.

Having been a part of several small, medium and large-scale events across the country – purely because we love supporting these events, seeing athletes be their best, rewarding excellent performances and, of course, the smell of competition – what a rush!

We’ve still got some pretty epic events coming up, including:

African Champs

KZN Throwdown

King of the Mountain

The Arnold Classic Throwdown 2018

Our Development Roadmap


As we’re in a larger playing field now, we take your feedback seriously because it helps us grow and become a better product. So, we’re working on new GAME-CHANGING features which we’re hoping will wow you as much as we intend.

Some exciting improvements you can expect to see include: –

  • Adapting the personal profiles to be more flexible for drop-in’s, allowing athletes to book, train and log results at more than one facility.
  • We are working with UX (user experience) specialists to do a design “revamp” of the entire interface, page by page, to make your experience more streamlined – more sweat, fewer clicks. THIS IS BIG!
  • Making the direct debit and payment process for Eurozone and USA clients even more effective and easy.


  • Programming an instructional setup wizard, to help new clients get to know the program and all its glory.
  • Revamping the design of BoxChamp – because who doesn’t love a new look?
  • Improving the app load time, so that you can train, log and go.


Cool story, right?

We’re amped on what the future holds for us as a business and we’re so grateful for you to join us on this journey.


Keep hitting those PB’s!

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