Improve gym member retention

Making great first impressions and even better lasting impressions are important for any business. Once your members are in the door (check out our lead management blog post), how do you keep them coming back? Here’s how:

Cultivate a community in your box

People like to be part of a community where they have a sense of belonging. Hosting events, competitions and organising social activities will create a community within your box that your members love being a part of.

Host inter-box competitions for some friendly banter. Social competition and team work builds friendships between your members and is a great way to break the ice. An added bonus: members have a goal to work towards, improving their attendance.

Events and social gatherings is a great way for your coaches, members and for you as an owner to get to know each other outside of the gym. Host fun-days with grilling, music and other festivities to let your hair down and enjoy the company of your members.

Know your members individually

Get to know your members on a personal basis and know each person by name. If you know exactly what your members want and need from your service and you are able to deliver on this, it makes your member feel like they are valued.

Hire great staff

Great coaches and staff, who offer excellent service and coaching ensures your members receive a one-of-a-kind service. Your staff are the face of your business and represent your brand.

Offer incentives

Loyal customers are your bread and butter. It is much easier to retain members than to attract new ones. Reward your loyal customers with discounts or run a contest to incentivise members to stay.

Keep track of member attendance using BoxChamp

You know that member who was super dedicated for the first month of their membership but their attendance slowly started to dwindle. Keep an eye on member attendance trends on BoxCham and send follow up emails to flaking members to bring them back. If they stop coming to gym, the chances are high that they will cancel their membership too.

Communication is key

Making your members feel like they are part of your team is a fundamental requirement for all gyms. BoxChamp helps you to stay in touch with members when it is their birthday, if you haven’t seen them at the gym in a while, send benchmark automated emails for your one year anniversary and so on. BoxChamp has several built-in widgets to manage this relationship.

In addition to this you can keep your members updated with achievements, news and other interesting information via newsletters and social media, boosting their experience with your gym.

When you sign up with BoxChamp, crucial lead management and customer retention is automated for you, giving you more time to be in the gym. Have a look at our previous blog post about lead management to see how you can use BoxChamp to never miss the potential new client again.

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