4 front desk must-haves for your gym

Your front desk is the first point of contact when walking into your gym. It is essential to have an organised, functional and welcoming front desk that is helpful and efficient for both existing and potential members. Make the most out of your front desk by keeping it free of clutter, implementing the right systems and having a friendly face to welcome visitors.

1. Friendly receptionist

The first person new and existing members will meet is your receptionist. This person should be competent in using your gym management system and should know your product offering. The receptionist will be one of the most important parts of your customer relations and it is important that they are service oriented. You do not necessarily have to have a full-time “receptionist”, however, there should always be a coach visible and available to help anyone who walks through your doors.

2. Check-in station

You should always know who is coming and going, and possibly more importantly, who isn’t coming at all. Gym members who are no-shows for your classes are at a high risk of cancelling their membership at your gym. Managing these members can mitigate the risk of cancelling and will improve your retention.

Ensure you have a check in feature so that you can keep track of your regular members and members who haven’t visited you in a while. Individuals who you have not been to your gym for a few weeks are at high risk of cancelling their membership. Keep track of these members and send them an email or SMS to say you miss them.

3. Point Of Sales (POS)

If you are selling merchandise, smoothies or other items (which is a great way to make extra cash), then you need to have a point of sales system. This system automates the management of your stock levels, processes invoices and makes selling a breeze. Display your merchandise close to the front desk to make it visible and accessible.

4. Lead capture

have a system in place that captures any lead that walks through your doors. Potential members, who visit your facility is the best way to find new members. Make sure you collect their contact details (not on a scrap piece of paper) and follow up with them. Implementing a good system that keeps track of potential new members, both walk-ins; and people enquiring via mail and telephone will help you grow your member base.

Your reception area has to be neat and perform important administrative tasks. The front desk at your gym should have systems in place that allows you to capture new leads, check your members in, allow you to sell products and has to be manned by a friendly staff member. Good management systems are the key to making your front desk a success.

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