Greening your gym

Collective actions can make a big impact. Here are some tips on how to make your gym more environmentally friendly:


Cleaning materials

Cleaning materials are full of harmful chemicals that contaminate our water, air and soil. When purchasing cleaning supplies, try to buy items that are certified by the EcoLogo, Green Seal or other labels that certify the product as being non-hazardous to the environment. Reducing cleaning toxins in your gym will keep your members, employees and the environment healthier.


Lighting and water

Electricity and water are scares resources that we have to use sparingly. Install water saving showerheads, faucets and low flow toilets in the gym’s bathrooms to manage member’s use of water. Promote water saving practises such as short showers and not leaving the faucet running when brushing teeth by hanging up water saving tip posters.

Install energy efficient light bulbs in your gym to save both energy and money. Motion sensors for lighting in office spaces in your gym can also save electricity by ensuring lights are not left on.

If your gym is in a sunny country, consider installing solar heated geysers. No electricity needed to heat up your water!



When deciding on flooring solutions for your gym, consider using recycled or renewable flooring. There are many options out there such as recycled rubber and bamboo depending on your gym floor requirements.


Go paperless

Use paperless management software such as BoxChamp, as opposed to documenting information on paper and in files. Not only does this save paper but it also makes running your business easier.


Make a few manageable steps towards greening your gym today to join the green movement!

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