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Did you know that Affiliate owners often spend up to 6 hours a week programming for their members? Your time is better spent focusing on furthering your business. It is beneficial to outsource certain functions in order to create a system for your gym, that is efficient and profitable. In our pursuit to save you time and add more value, Boxchamp and BeastMode have joined forces to offer an Affiliate programming service that is easy to integrate into your gym’s current structures.

Who is BeastMode Project?

BeastMode Project was founded in October 2016 by Justin Benjamin. Dean Shaw, a multiple CrossFit Games Regional athlete, leads the team of highly experienced programmers. Their original goal was to provide an all-encompassing and personalised program for the competitive functional athlete. The team at BeastMode have expanded into programming for Affiliates. They combine the knowledge of 6 exercise experts to create the best programming for your members.

BeastMode Project aims to provide an all-round, well-balanced, progressive program to affiliate owners; with progressive skill levels to accommodate the newbie right through to the advanced individual. Their knowledge and experience about conditioning, mobility, strength and endurance are combined to provide programming that ensures the best results for your athletes. BeastMode Project’s carefully programmed WODs free up your precious time so you can focus on growing your gym.



The affiliate programming services will include the following:

  • Weekly programs consisting of 6 days of workouts, each 1 hour in duration, designed to maximize volume, intensity and coachable skills, taking into account potential equipment availability limitations, within a class timeframe;
  • The daily plan will include warm-ups, rehabilitation drills, skills drills, lifting cycles and metabolic conditioning segments (Rx and scaled options will be provided);
  • Coaches will have access to videos describing the class movements;
  • Daily plans will include class intents and goals so coaches know what to expect and how to address members.



The benefits to an affiliate of outsourcing their programming to BeastMode Project, in association with Boxchamp are as follows:

  • Save management and coach’s time and energy (2-6 hrs per week)
  • Continuous, strategic and up to date programming by South Africa’s best coaches who have access to the latest cutting-edge training systems and knowledge.


  • Once an affiliate joins the program, they will receive an invitation to join the BeastMode Project Fitbot App.
  • On that platform, affiliate owners will have access to the weekly program several days in advance of the start of the week.
  • Coaches will be able to review movement videos and workout intents.
  • The affiliate owner will be required to share the login details with the coaches. All coaches will share the same platform.
  • Coaches will be able to ask questions about the workouts and receive answers on the Fitbot platform.


Competitive programming
  • In addition to the affiliate programming, BeastMode Project also offers a “Compete Program” designed for members wishing to compete and take their training to the next level.
  • The Compete Program will be closely linked to the Affiliate Program, but will include several additional daily work requirements.
  • This enables the advanced member to still attend classes and benefit from the motivational vibe associated with a class environment, but still complete additional work specific to their personal needs.
  • The benefit to the Affiliate is that the Affiliate will still be closely associated with the development of their advanced athletes without the athlete seeking outside assistance and without the Affiliate having to spend precious time programming additional accessory work for such advanced athletes.

BeastMode Projects provide varied programming that will challenge your athlete’s strength, flexibility and metabolic conditioning. The program has a holistic outlook on training that will leave you with the best possible results. Give your athletes the best of programming, save time and grow your business with BeastMode Project in association with Boxchamp. Don’t settle for average.


This is an exclusive offer to BoxChamp members only.

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