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For Gym Owners

 an overview of everything that is happening in your facility that day including; birthdays, outstanding payments and "at risk" members. Detailed reports are generated for your gym’s performance, profits, attendance and more.

Our communication center automates and customizes communication with your members to always keep them in the loop. Send push notifications via our member app. ‘At risk’ members are clearly brought to your attention for simple follow up.

A fully customizable system for you to create classes that your athletes can book and check in to. Full personal training capabilities. Integrate directly with WordPress for quick and easy publication too.

Create workout programs months in advance, reuse content or simply help format those messy spreadsheets. Manage your members transparency to the programs and have access to athlete performance with our virtual leaderboard.

Tailor classes for injured members by tracking injuries. Notifications for injured members booked in to classes are visible on the class list.

The member app allows for commenting, likes and messages to be sent between both coaches and members, and between members and members, to create a positive community of support and encouragement.

Smooth out your invoicing, billing and payments. Run debit orders, staff salaries and any other accounting needs through the platform. Fully integrated with Go Cardless, Sage Pay and Three Peaks.

BoxChamp allows you to accept both once-off and recurring payments from your members. Set members to pay via cash, EFT or monthly debit orders.

For Athletes

Easily manage your facilities, membership packages, lead tracking, staff, website integration & receivables.

Easily and seamlessly book classes, while being able to see who you'll be training with. Book ahead of time, especially for those regular sessions.

Record your performances, track how many times you've trained this month and see your progress through our unique performance tracker.

Manage your profile and enjoy the ability to engage with other members. Upload a profile picture for the coaches convenience.

Log an injury and send an automated email to the coach. They will have fully transparency and can assist accordingly.

Compare your effort on today's workout with all of the classes for the day. You'll have full transparency of who competed on the day.

Record a personal best, and see how you progress with time. You'll have years worth of data at your finger tips.

Invite your friends to try out the workout of the day through our in app messaging.

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