Watch out! South Africa is representing big at the 2018 CrossFit Regionals

South Africa is representing in large numbers at the CrossFit Regionals this year. We have 11 individual athletes, 4 teams and 2 masters athletes going to Spain for the 2018 Regionals. BoxChamp’s brand ambassador Jason Smith is currently ranking as the number 1 male in the region of Africa and the Middle East. Our teams are looking strong with Crossfit PBM in number 1, Cape CrossFit Wolfpack in 2nd, FalseBay Sharks in 4th and CrossFit Valley Road in 7th.  It will be an interesting year to follow our proudly South African CrossFitters. Heres a look at our individual athletes:

Jason Smith

Jason is currently the number 1 male athlete in our region and he is the first one under the new format that has been to the CrossFit Games. He impressed at his first ever Games in 2017, ranking 10th overall.

This Saffa CrossFitter from CrossFit Kyalami is a rising star in the international CrossFit community. A recent ankle injury has added a twist to the plot and we hope to see Jason in Spain on the 1st of June.

Celestie Engelbrecht

Celestie AKA “Beastess”, is South Africa’s female powerhouse. She was invited to do the Commonwealth Games for weightlifting this year. In addition to this, she has competed at the CrossFit Games in 2014. She is currently ranked 15 in the region.


Johannie Taljaard

Another strong woman from South Africa. Johannie was invited to the Commonwealth Games for weightlifting and came 6th overall. She is representing South Africa again at the CrossFit Regionals for the third time this year.

Richard Smith

Richard is currently ranked 7th in the African and the Middle East and is going into the Regionals in a good position. He has been to the Regionals, both individually and with Team REBEL.

Justin Swart

Justin has been to the Regionals as a team three times and this is his first individual appearance. He has climbed the CrossFit ladder quickly. He is currently in 5th place in our region and we look forward to watching him grow in the individuals’ sphere.

Alan Foulis

Alan is another Regionals veteran, having competed 3 times as an individual. He is an excellent individual athlete, currently 4th in our region and 3rd in South Africa. He already won the prestigious local competition Fittest in Cape Town this year. This will be his fourth time at the Regionals and we are keeping our eyes peeled!

AJ Visser

AJ Visser had a dramatic Open season contracting 2 Hospitalising stomach bugs. The hospital trips did not affect AJ’s determination and despite his ill health during the CrossFit Open, he managed to secure a spot for the individuals in Spain. He is one to watch for sure.

Ruan Duvenage

Impressively, this year will be Ruan’s 4th Regional and is going to Spain in 2nd place finish in this year’s Open after Jason Smith. The competition is tight.

Mary Jamieson

Mary has competed at the Regionals 4 times (2 times as a team and individually twice).


Michelle Merand and Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen

It is both Michelle Merand and Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen’s 1st time at the CrossFit Regionals. Michelle was the winner of our top local competition: Fittest in Cape Town and is currently number 1 in South Africa.

Dina Swift also made the regionals but unfortunately had to decline her spot due to an injury. We look forward to her performance next year.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard this weekend on CrossFit’s webpage. Filter by men, women and team to see how our local athletes are doing.

South Africa is sending a group of excellent athletes and teams to the CrossFit Regionals 2018 in Spain this year! We are especially proud that BoxChamp’s 3 ambassadors; Jason, Celestie and Johannie all qualified for Regionals 2018. We are so excited to see such a prominent South African presence and cannot wait to watch out local CrossFitters throw it down this weekend.

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