Create and maintain a good company culture

Company culture is the essence of what your brand is and filters throughout your entire organisation. Managing your gym to create a good company culture is an important part of running your own fitness facility. Your company culture will be noticed by your customers and employees and will impact their experience in your gym. Fostering a culture that will keep both customers and your employees loyal, is imperative to your business’ success.

Culture is a company’s personality and how your brand expresses itself. Creating a culture where new ideas and suggestions are valued, employees are empowered and the workplace is productive and enjoyable will have an invaluable effect on your employees and customers. An excepitonal culture is not difficult to build. It just takes some time, dedication and willingness to try. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will ultimately lead to a top-notch culture.

To create a good company culture for your brand, consider the following:

  1. Hire the right people. Hire coaches and staff that have a good dynamic. Determine how you want your gym’s atmosphere to be, and find people who will express this atmosphere. Match your coaches and other staff to the ‘vibe’ you want to create. Make sure new staff will gel with existing staff and
  2. Clearly state your company’s values, mission, vision and personality. If you have not clearly written down your vision, mission and stated your personality, then make sure you take some time now to do so. Hang up a piece of paper in the staff room that simply communicates what you are all about. You can even create a mantra for your staff that they can chant when they need some extra motivation. Get some inspiration from the following mantras: “great things never came from comfort zones; don’t wish for it, work for it; big journeys begin with small steps”. When your staff and coaches know who your company is, it is easier for them to live your brand.
  3. Open up the lines of communication. Good ideas and valuable input can come from all areas of your business. Empower your staff to feel confident enough to communicate with you. This will not only give you a new perspective on your gym but also make your staff feel valued and important. Have staff meetings on a regular basis to open up the lines of communication and ask your staff members to come prepared with suggestions, queries and concerns.
  4. Teamwork creates synergy. Create a culture where your staff work well in a team together. Plan team-building activities, lunches and meetings to provide an environment where your staff can get to know each other. Team building events expose your team strengths and weaknesses, which you can leverage off and work on together as a team.
  5. Develop a process for conflict resolution. People working together on a daily basis will cause friction at some point. Conflict resolution processes need to resolve issues as quickly as possible and in a way where both parties feel listened to and understood. It is important that you have steps in place to resolve conflict as quickly as possible in a positive way. Forbes has highlighted five steps to conflict resolution:

Maintain a good company culture by continuously repeating these steps. You will attract both great staff and great customers with your culture and by maintaining the culture it will ensure you keep them for the long term too.

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