Create a strong brand for your gym

Did you know that brands began as a stamp used on cows to distinguish one herd from the other? Today brands have evolved in to a differentiating factor between businesses, persons and products. A brand is more than a logo, name or slogan. It encompasses a personality, emotions and an identity. To build a brand that your gym members will love and support, you must create a strong brand that evokes emotions. In order to do so, follow these steps:

1. Define your gym’s “what”
A mission statement is a broad statement that defines the purpose of your gym. Are you building fitness, strength, confidence, lifestyle change or something else? For example, your mission can be to build the strength of your members by focusing on maximising the efficiency of every lift. For more inspiration, have a look here.

2. Define your gym’s “why”
This is known as a vision, which is the long-term goal for your gym. A vision statement should be a challenging goal that gives your gym direction. A vision statement can be revised throughout the lifespan of your gym, but it should be a long-term statement. For example, if you are a health gym: do you want to decrease the total body fat percentage of your town by 5%, or if you are a fighting sport gym: do you want to develop a generation of women who have the tools and confidence to defend themselves in any situation, or if you are a yoga studio: do you want to create a space where your members can de-stress and embrace mindfulness? Have a look at the following visions to get some inspiration.

3. Define your gym’s values
What are the core values of your gym? To determine your values, brainstorm what is important to you. Invite your coaches, instructors and other team members to brainstorm values with you to drill down to the most important ones. Your gym is an extension of your personal brand and will reflect what your own values are.

Keep your list of values short and concise. Pick your top 5 or so values that carry the most weight for you. Once you have found your top 5 values, then define what each means. Write a description with each value and make sure each team members knows your values and what they mean.

4. Get your gym a personality
Lastly, it is a good idea to define a personality for your fitness facility’s brand. An outline of your personality will already emerge from your mission; vision; and values, and you can work from there. Further, define how you want your gym brand to express itself. A personality can be energetic, bad-ass, zen, caring, motivational or something else. It is up to you how you want your gym’s atmosphere to feel and express itself. Make sure your personality shines through clearly in all your communication on social media, emails and in person at your gym.

Once you have defined the four aspects of your gym’s brand, write them down in a handbook or on a poster so that is easily accessible to all employees. Everyone working for you in your gym should know exactly what your brand wants to achieve, what it stands for and how you communicate. This will create uniformity in your gym to make sure you have a uniform brand. A strong and unique brand will attract the right gym members to you and the right coaches, instructors and staff. Make sure all new staff members are briefed about your brand so that they know exactly how to behave and express themselves in your gym.

Building a strong brand for your fitness facility that is unique and uniform will attract members who resonate with your message. If you consistently maintain your gym’s brand, then you will also foster loyal gym members, as they will grow to love your gym.

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