What is BoxChamp?

We aim to create happier, healthier and fitter communities. We achieve this by developing a cutting-edge all-in-one tool that streamlines and automates gym admin. This allows coaches to focus on their passion: growing and engaging with their fitness community while growing and maintaining a business. Members also get to tap into our user-friendly mobile apps to schedule and track their training and results.

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Meet Our Team?

Our team is made up of active and enthusiastic individuals who together create a company that is hungry for learning and improvement. Together we strive to make our platform the best it can be for your needs.

Mark Fawzy AKA OG

Founder and CEO

Synne Berg AKA Sweet Pea

Marketing and brand communications

Kyla Malloch-Brown AKA Kyla-Davis

Onboarding and support representative

Neil Nieman AKA Nigel

Sales Representative

Leslie Zech AKA L-Dawg

Sales Representative

Lindsey Drew AKA Gilfoyle

Software Engineer

Blyde Write AKA B-Money

Head of Tech – Laméco (Pty) Ltd

Sean Olivier AKA Ollie

UK and Ireland Sales Manager

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

What We Believe?

Our Vision

We aim to create happier, healthier and fitter communities. We achieve this by developing a cutting edge all-in-one tool that streamlines and automates gym admin, to help coaches focus on their passion – growing and engaging with their fitness community, while growing and maintaining a business. Members also get to tap into our user-friendly mobile apps to schedule and track their training.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to develop a single platform that offers excellent tools and user-friendly solutions to gym management.

What we believe in …

  • We believe in doing business with passion and expertise.
  • We believe in developing solutions that are tailored to our customers.
  • We believe in providing support to ensure our customers can confidently use our platform.
  • We believe in teamwork and collaboration to reach our goals and the goal of our clients.
  • We believe that no one is perfect but through learning and improvement we can get close.

Who is BoxChamp?

This is our story

Before we could check-in, document and search for our training progress from the palm of our hand, capturing workouts, 1 RM’s and other athletic milestones were done the old-fashioned way, in a dated log book. But, when a wet towel went rogue in Mark Fawzy’s gym bag, the soft pages and 6 months worth of hard work, blood, sweat and the occasional tear, disintegrated into an unreadable nothing. And, in a rage of frustration, the idea for BoxChamp was born.

Today, this once small concept has come a long way and proves that even the smallest ideas can make the biggest impact. How so? Well, not only does BoxChamp aim to help athletes monitor and track their performance, but more importantly, it’s a powerful CRM tool, to ensure that gym owners can keep doing what they do best – helping people stay fit and healthy.

Gym owners & coaches

Whether you’ve got the biggest CrossFit Box in the country or running an independent yoga studio, BoxChamp software is super customisable and ensures to combine, streamline and even track your admin tasks.

As a gym owner, manually managing your facilities, payments and athletes – all the while coaching classes each day, can become overwhelming and ain’t nobody got time for that. But, with this powerful CRM tool, you can give yourself more time to do what you love by automating certain tasks:


Are your classes getting a bit too full to manage? This integrated system allows members to reserve their spot in your sessions, to keep your numbers manageable. Each gym is then assigned a check-in QR code, for athletes to confirm their attendance via the downloadable app.


By setting the day’s workout out, your members can simply fill in their results online or via the app, which helps them monitor their progress. You can also broadcast important or encouraging messages to your members, at the click of a button.

Payment acceptance

Integrated with SagePay, Threepeaks, GoCardless, and Stripe, you can accept payments from members almost anywhere in the world.


From membership packages to your new orders of mats, weights and whatever else you need, you can see who’s signing up with what or when you’re receiving this and that – all on an easy to read format.

Attendance reporting

Haven’t seen that go-getter in a while? Well, now you can see who’s booking for class and not showing up or, even better, whose stopped coming overall. By segmenting your attendance records, you can see which of your members might require an encouraging ‘come back to class’ email.

What about the members?

Well, as an athlete, – yes, we’re ALL athletes – being able to record and review your progress, makes all those early morning workouts, painful gym injuries and questionable grunts worth it. How can you be expected to remember your PB with every movement, or know when your next booking is – life happens, but with BoxChamp, you can stay on track with your fitness – no excuses.

Available on desktop and a downloadable app for Android and IOS (who doesn’t love an app), your comprehensive tracking tool is right at your fingertips. In fact, there are loads of important functions available that can assist in keeping your performance in check, such as:

• Monitoring your nutrition intake
• Searching, setting and tracking goals
• Keeping a record of your injuries
• Booking and checking yourself into class
• Viewing a live feed of everyone’s data

Don’t let admin get in the way of doing what you love!

Choose BoxChamp as your CRM tool and give your gym, and your members, the attention they deserve.

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