Fitness management software

5 reasons you should have a gym management software

We believe a business is only as good as the systems it implements and the secret to running a successful gym is to have great trainers and great programming. Running a gym involves time-consuming administration such as member management, invoicing, marketing, customer relations, stock take and much more. As your gym grows, you will spend

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SEO for gyms

Improve your gym’s SEO with these 3 easy steps

Why is being visible on search engines such as Google important? Most people use search engines to find answers to what they are looking for. Potential members in your area are sure to search for “gyms near me”, “CrossFit Box London”, “Pilates studio Berlin” and so on. Your gym competes for visibility against all the

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4 front desk must-haves for your gym

Your front desk is the first point of contact when walking into your gym. It is essential to have an organised, functional and welcoming front desk that is helpful and efficient for both existing and potential members. Make the most out of your front desk by keeping it free of clutter, implementing the right systems

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4 fitness trends your gym should keep up with, in 2018

Fitness fanatics are always running after the latest forms of exercise, gadgets and equipment. How can your gym keep up with the trends, while staying true to the product that you are offering? It is imperative that you keep differentiating your gym to keep your members interested. Here are four trends you should keep up

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Go BeastMode

Did you know that Affiliate owners often spend up to 6 hours a week programming for their members? Your time is better spent focusing on furthering your business. It is beneficial to outsource certain functions in order to create a system for your gym, that is efficient and profitable. In our pursuit to save you

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Creating a great referral program for your gym

You have gone through the first wave of post-New Years resolution signups, now you have to figure out how to re-energise the next wave of new members. Referral programs encourage your existing and loyal members to bring their friends to your gym. Referral programs are an effective way to grow your business without making a

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5 fitness myths busted

Social media and the Internet bombard us with a vast amount of information about fat-loss secrets, fitness videos and diet fads. It is difficult to separate myth from the truth with this information overload. Here are a few myths that we have recently seen: 1. You need to do detox diets Detox diets and juice

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Why being fit makes you a better version of yourself

Being fit goes beyond the number on the scale and a dress size. Fitness is a mindset; you feel stronger, faster and more energetic. Developing a healthy routine that includes exercise, a balanced diet and rest will make you into a better and happier self. 1. Being fit improves your mood Being active releases “happy

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