BoxChamp in the House | CrossFit Hout Bay

As your GPS takes you through Hout Bay towards its resident CrossFit Box, you feel like you’re heading for a trip to the beach.

Upon ascending the stairs, you’re greeted by the octagon shaped training space of CrossFit Hout Bay. With an almost panoramic view of the mountain, an abundance of natural light, the obvious and glorious smell of the ocean, coupled with fun and inspiring signage, along with the quirky chalkboard features, it’s hard not to feel at home here.


In the Beginning

The love child of Joshua and Debbie Brown and their passion for fitness and health, CrossFit Hout Bay is part of the BoxChamp family, with an incredible story to tell.

Having packed it all up in Pretoria, Josh and his girlfriend Debbie (now wife), moved down to the coast of Hout Bay in Cape Town and never looked back. It’s now 2 years and 3 months later and the ‘little idea that could’, has transformed into their own thriving affiliate on-the-grow.

It’s obvious to see that CFHB is more than just ‘a gym’. There are regular group activities outside of training like informative talks about health and fitness, breakfast on Saturdays after class and even the occasional SUP session at the beach – the community aspect and vibe here is something to be admired. Despite being home to the ‘Hout Bay Hammerheads’ competing team, there are no bad attitudes or big egos – everyone here is equal and just wants to have fun.

Incorporating work and play is a big factor in terms of the CFHB community. As their members are their biggest supporters and advertisers, ensuring they’re having a good experience is key. And, with inventions like ‘The Beer Mile’ it’s hard not to be intrigued.



What about Non-CrossFitters?

It’s important to engage with non-members as much as possible.

CFHB has introduced a stretch session called Yoga for Crossfitters, which is open to friends and family of members. Stretching and mobility, in general, is so important for our bodies, opening these classes so that everyone can benefit is a true testament to the passion that Josh has for fitness and well-being.

Additionally, they offer talks from a variety of sources such as physios and dieticians – information is key to a healthy lifestyle after all and it’s an excellent excuse to bring family and friends together.

The BoxChamp Way

Gym owners will know the struggles associated with opening a new business of this nature. Which is why BoxChamp aims to streamline the admin processes. Josh and Debbie, as affiliate owners, fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs explain:

‘BoxChamp has been a game changer. It makes it easy to stay in touch with athletes. It takes the admin and headache away from trying to stay afloat in a business where you’re a coach, business owner, a friend and psychiatrist all in one and it helps run the financial side of things too. If there is ever an issue it’s quickly and professionally resolved which in turn helps keep people and our athletes happy.’

Visit Josh, Debbie and their coaches Marli and Sean at CrossFit Hout Bay for your very own ‘sweats and giggles’.

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