Holiday gift ideas for CrossFitters

  1.   Massage

Pamper your CrossFitter with a deep tissue massage. Training as hard as CrossFitters do will leave their body in desperate need for some TLC. A deep tissue massage will bring new life in to their muscles and loosen up any knots and pains.

  1.   Knee sleeves

Our knees take strain from lunges, squatting and other activities. Not only do they keep your joints nice and warm but they also provide protection and much needed stability. They can be bought in singles or get your athlete a pair to complete the set.

  1. Skipping rope

The infamous double unders need to be accompanies by a speedy, lightweight and stylish rope. At least your athlete will look professional until he/she starts skipping!

  1. Admission to a local competition

The goal of joining a local (or international) competition is the motivation for many CrossFitters to wake up early and train come rain or shine. Find out if your athlete is planning on doing a local event and contribute towards their entry fee.

  1. Gift vouchers

A gift voucher to their favourite fitness apparel brand is a great way to treat a CrossFitter to a new wardrobe. Then they can look their best while hitting their PBs!

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