Be the centre of attention

  1. Free t-shirt for new members

Give out a free branded t-shirt to new members. Your members are walking advertisers for your gym in their neighbourhoods. The more your brand becomes exposed, the more it will be recognised.

  1. Outdoor workouts

Take the WOD outside. Showcasing your amazing coaches and enthusiastic members in a park or on the beach will create interest from the public and spices up your member’s exercise regime. If you have the budget for it, get some banners with your logo on it so anyone who is interested know who you are and where to find you. Encourage members to wear your branded t-shirts for a double win.

  1. Use BoxChamp’s lead management and customer relations tools

BoxChamp offers many different tools for you to manage your gym. One such tool is lead management. When potential new customers enquire about your gym, you can save their contact details on BoxChamp, which helps to onramp new members. Once you Have their contact details handy, it is easy to send automated emails to stay in touch and convert these leads in to members. Once they are in the door, you can use our customer relations tools to send out automated messages on their birthdays and other milestones.

  1. Make sure you are active online and on social media

Post pictures and videos from your gym, your members and other interesting daily activities. Posting ‘stories’ on social media, such as Instagram, is a great way for potential new members to get a taste of what your workouts and classes are like. Make sure that everything you post is relevant and interesting to your members to increase your likes and shares.

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