4 fitness trends your gym should keep up with, in 2018

Fitness fanatics are always running after the latest forms of exercise, gadgets and equipment. How can your gym keep up with the trends, while staying true to the product that you are offering? It is imperative that you keep differentiating your gym to keep your members interested. Here are four trends you should keep up with, in 2018:

1. The WOD

The high intensity “Workout-Of-the-Day” is a CrossFit inspired workout.  The WOD changes daily and is always challenging.  From time-to-time, certain workouts are repeated so members are able to measure their performance and improvements. Add a flavour of CrossFit programming and exercises to your next class by introducing burpees, squats and push-ups. You can also create a “benchmark” workout for your gym that is repeatable, so your members know how their fitness is improving. Combine inspiration form the WOD with your core discipline to revive your member’s interest and motivation.

2. Functional fitness

Exercise that helps you perform your daily chores in a healthier and safer way has become a trending form of exercise in 2018. This form of exercise ensures your balance, coordination, strength and endurance so that you can carry groceries, move furniture and climb a set of stairs without exhausting yourself. Movements such as farmer’s walks and deadlifting odd objects are inspired by activities carried out on a daily basis. Incorporate exercises like this into your workout to make your class more functional.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise to improve strength, suppleness and recovery. Introduce some yoga-inspired movements into your warm-up and cool-down for your members, to infuse their exercise with a little bit of ouuuum. Be inspired by movement patterns such as the sun salutation and the cat cow movement.

4. Senior training

Health and fitness are becoming a popular trend among the older generation. It seems the population is becoming more health conscious and your gym should capitalise on this trend. Attract this demographic to your gym by introducing classes that are tailored to seniors. Modify your classes to suit the older generation to ensure they benefit from the class, while it is still challenging and fun.

Keep up with the exercise trends for 2018 by giving your existing exercise program a twist of CrossFit, Climbing or Yoga and be inclusive in your programming. By changing up the norm, you will make sure your members stay interested but keep the essence of what you do to make sure you remain differentiated.

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